J's Racing - Circuit Converter, 70mm (Honda S2000 AP1/2)

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J's Racing - Circuit Converter, 70mm (Honda S2000 AP1/2)

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Ideal for tuning engines such as high cam, high compression, and displacement increase!
Exhaust resistance is greatly reduced by making the main pipe φ70.

By installing it, it is possible to significantly reduce the exhaust resistance and realize power and torque increase in the entire rotation range from low rotation range to high rotation range.
The material is stainless steel (SUS304), which is hard to rust, and has improved durability.

If you combine it with a muffler whose main pipe is φ70, such as our 70RS series muffler, you can experience power-up and response improvement in the high rpm range!

It is ideal not only for cars with engine tuning such as high cam and compression ratio improvement, but also for cars with increased displacement such as Toda Racing capacity up kit.

It can be installed completely bolt-on using the attached gasket and bolt.

The base for the genuine O2 sensor is also equipped as standard in two places so that it can be installed on either AP1 or AP2.

Enjoy full power during sports driving such as circuit driving.