Radium - Port Injection Kit, K20C1
Radium - Port Injection Kit, K20C1

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Radium - Port Injection Kit, K20C1

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The Radium Engineering Port Injection Kit (PIK) installs between the intake manifold and the cylinder head. It permits the use of port injectors to add additional fuel on high-horsepower K20C1 engines, commonly found in the FK8 Civic Type-R. This does NOT replace the OEM direct injection system. The kit includes the PIK adapter plate, custom fuel rail, fuel rail mounting hardware, and OEM Honda gaskets, as shown in the below picture. It is compatible with all fuel types including popular alcohol mixtures such as E85.

The fuel rail features a large 0.63" internal diameter bore. It is CNC machined from extruded 6063 aluminum and laser etched for a high quality surface finish. All 4 ports are machined with 8AN ORB (3/4-16 female) threads. This kit is designed for specific top feed fuel injectors with upper and lower O-ring spacing. The upper and lower injector O-rings must be 14mm diameter. The included fuel rail mounting brackets permit 2 different height fuel injectors to be used.