Seeker - Shift Boot Collar, Red
Seeker - Shift Boot Collar, Red
Seeker - Shift Boot Collar, Red

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Seeker - Shift Boot Collar, Red

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This is a shift boot collar that has evolved from the conventional type, which has been very popular.
After machining the aluminum material, red alumite treatment was applied, and the nut part was plated.
The contrast with the silver plating that slightly peeks out when installed gives it a very luxurious feel and is perfect for decorating your interior.
Also, because it has a unique tapered shape, you won't feel any discomfort in your fingertips when you squeeze the genuine or spherical knob, for example.
In the conventional model, the shift knob had to be fixed with a separate nut after the collar was fixed to the boot, so the nut was visible, but the shift boot collar EVO uses a special nut that is also machined out to fix the shift knob. It is an "invisible nut" specification that hides the nut part by inserting it into the boot collar later.

Easy to install, just remove the genuine collar and tighten this product with the included tie wrap.
*Removal of interior is required.
*A 14mm wrench is required when fixing the special nut.
*Compatible with nut fixed type genuine knobs or aftermarket shift knobs.
*Cannot be used in conjunction with the screw-in type genuine shift knob found on some car models.
*If used with a knob with a step on the bottom like some genuine products, the step will not be hidden.